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django and pdbpp

Quick tips how to enable pdb with django

cx-Oracle 5.2 on OSX (El Capitan)

Install cx-Oracle 5.2 on OSX (El Capitan), mostly for my reference

cx_Oracle and System Integrity Protection (El Capitan)

With the relase of El Capitan, Apple has enabled a new default security feature named System Integrity Protection, also called rootless. This may cause some apps, utilities, and scripts to not function at all, even with sudo privelege, root user enabled, or admin access. Oracle drivers seems one the these.

About rules, best practices and experience

What does distinguishes an architect by a good architect, a developer from a good developer ?

PostGIS, PostgreSQL, and Django on OS X

Here's how I got through the installation and configuration of PostGIS on OS X (10.10 Yosemite).

Create custom pytest skipif markers

Quick example how to create reusable parametric 'skipif' markers

Django & MSSQL on OSX (Yosemite)

How to connect to MSSQL from Python/Django using pyodbc; The idea is to use a stack that can be easiy replicable on a Linux box (my production target).

Handle CSRF token in Locust test

Locust and Django CSRF

Don't put the socks in the fridge

In response to a set of recommendations I was presenting about an Enterprise Java solution architecture, a CTO once asked me: "Yeah, we've got this 2 GB EAR with 400+ WAR deployments inside. So what's the problem? The system still is completely functional!". My instant feeling was "Ok, this CTO himself is a much bigger problem than this EAR!"

Playing with Pelican

Pelican and Github pages. Fast and easy blog solution

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